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Su Pallosu, the beach conquered by cats

Su Pallosu, the beach conquered by cats

Su Pallosu beach is home to more cats than humans. For years, felines have reigned supreme at this marina in San Vero Milis, on the Italian island of Sardinia. Specifically, the colony comprises 40 cats, of which, approximately half are accommodated in a refuge, for their health and safety.

Despite not receiving any government assistance, the non-profit Amici di Su Pallosu association takes responsibility not only for looking after the cats, vaccinating them, sterilising them and feeding them, but also for attracting tourism to the area.

While the cats reign supreme on the beach, on paper, the land belongs to Andrea Atzori and Irinna Albu. Andrea inherited it from his father, a teacher who bought the beach in 1961 and went to live there, to study coral and other mineral species from the region.

But, he wasn’t the one who attracted the animals. The presence of cats in the area has been documented since the 19th century, though it was in the 1980s when they finally conquered it, as a result of tuna fishers expanding the colony, to get rid of a plague of mice.

Source: Passenger 6A

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