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¿Do you love ramen? Discover this tribute to Japan’s most famous noodle soup

¿Do you love ramen? Discover this tribute to Japan’s most famous noodle soup

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum (Yokohama) pays tribute to Japan’s most famous noodle soup: ramen. The world’s first food “amusement” park is designed for foodies with a penchant for Japanese food. Aside from enjoying some ramen (don’t forget to slurp – it’s a sign of politeness in Japan), the museum also explains the history of ramen and all about the different varieties.

This Japanese staple originated in China. When the country opened its doors to the world in 1859, the Chinese community moved in and brought their noodle soup with them. The Japanese doctored it to produce this dish, ome that can feature four or five ingredients as well as the noodles.

The main part of the museum accommodates the food court. Eateries are lined along a replica street from 1958, the year when Momofuku Ando invented the first instant noodle soup. As you walk along the rows of lantern-decorated stalls, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time to different regions of the country.

Each region prepares the soup differently, and you can taste almost all varieties at the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum. Food stalls are set up by renowned restaurants, each specialising in a type of ramen, including Sumire’s miso soup or YUJI Ramen’s tuna variety.

The museum shop sells everything you need to prepare this Japanese dish at home: Bowls, chopsticks and local specialities, all with a lot of ‘umami,’ of course.

Source: Passenger 6A.

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