Friday, 15 February 2019
Inside Guccis new restaurant in Florence, Italy

Inside Gucci's new restaurant in Florence, Italy

The fashion world is known more for skipping lunches than indulging in them -- but it might make an exception for a new restaurant opened by Italian designer Gucci. Gucci Osteria, in the Italian…
Catania: Sicilis chic coastal city

Catania: Sicili's chic coastal city

Turn your gaze north at any point on Via Etnea, and you will be looking straight at the volcano that gives this long road its name. The main shopping street in the city of Catania is trained on the…
The truth about Italys white truffles

The truth about Italy's white truffles

Towards the end of my meal, the waiter put a plaster cast of a human brain on my table and walked away. I picked it up and, like a simian seeing a foreign object for the first time, began examining…
Lake Como: Italys greatest lake

Lake Como: Italy's greatest lake

My first evening at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the terrace is filled with people dancing after a party. The mood is exultant, stilettoes clattering and twirling across polished parquet…
W Hotels to open a new hotel in Rome

W Hotels to open a new hotel in Rome

W Hotels Worldwide has announced the latest property in its line, W Rome. This will be the first W property in Italy. Located in the popular Via Veneto neighborhood, W Rome is expected to open…