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The brightest cities at Christmas around the world

The brightest cities at Christmas around the world

Tallinn- ESTONIA

Markets, decorations and trees are all the brighter in a medieval city, particularly one as well-preserved as Tallinn. The Estonian capital achieves its full potential for looking like a Christmas fairytale. The town hall square is at the heart of the festivities, and was home to the first Christmas tree in the world, in 1441.

Brussels- BELGIUM

Central European countries are the ones with the best Christmas decorations. And the Belgian capital is a prime example. Le Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the canvas for different light shows each year.


In New York, Christmas starts with lighting up the tree at the Rockefeller Center. More than 300,000 LEDs decorate the best-known tree in the city from late November. The shops contribute to lighting up the streets in a shop window competition, normally won by Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.


In the Russian capital, the most spectacular side of Christmas spirit unfolds on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Tunnels of lights, Christmas trees hung upside down, and immense baubles, created using thousands of lights, all add extra colour to the city of the Red Square.


At Christmas, all eyes are on the Country Club Plaza, in the capital of Missouri. All the buildings in this shopping area are lit up, silhouetting their façades and roofs. The tradition began in 1925, and they have got better every year. The lights are also turned on for Thanksgiving.

Ljubljana- SLOVENIA

The Ljubljana Christmas lights are the most imaginative in Eastern Europe. Local artists participate in creating designs to decorate every square and bridge in the city centre. The lighting ceremony, whose epicentre is Prešeren Square, is a massive event.

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