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Celebrate Dia de los Muertos at The St. Regis Mexico City

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos at The St. Regis Mexico City

To celebrate one of Mexico’s most famous holidays, Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead), The St. Regis Mexico City will offer specially-themed food items and cultural tours.  Day of the Dead honors and celebrates loved ones who have passed on. 

The St. Regis Mexico City will be offering guests three different versions of the traditional Pan de Muerto to celebrate. Options include:

  • Classic Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead) - This is what families would traditionally bring to the cemetery, along with hot chocolate, to honor loved ones. The Pan de Muerto glorifies those who have passed. Baked just for this holiday, the bread is made from butter and eggs and has the shape of a human body with a head made from sugar. 
  • Pan de Muerto Ice Cream – A twist on the classic bread recreated into ice cream, 
  • Pan de Muerto “bones” – The Chef at The St. Regis Mexico City will be cooking only the bones for guests, who can try the best part of the Pan de Muerto by the dozen.

The hotel will also have a variety of cultural events taking place including: 

  • Museum Tours – Guests will learn all about pre-Hispanic cultures during personalized tours to Anahuacalli Museum and the Dolores Olmedo Museum.
  • San Andrés Mixquic – Día de los Muertos is not just a time for families to get together, but it’s also a time to welcome spirits back to earth. San Andres Mixquic is a small community where the tradition lives on and welcomes travelers to experience it first-hand. With a tour guide, guests will drive two hours to Mixquic and explore the town. While there, they will visit the temple of San Andres Mixquic and the pantheon fully decorated with candles, altars and music. There will be incense everywhere and locals will be dressed up as Catrinas, skulls, and selling marigolds (which in Mexico are known as flor de muerto, or flower of dead).
  • Xochimilco – While sailing in a a trajinera at night in Xochimilco, guests will pass lit candles and colorful ceremonies. They will also learn about the altars, their significance, listen to Mariachi, drink tequila and enjoy traditional food. At all times guests are joined by a Cultural Curator.
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